Ways to wash and store children clothes

The children skill is very young and sensitive so every effect even the smallest from the washing substance in the clothes, washing powder and so on can give influence to the child. Mothers should know the below tips for cleaning and storing clothes to protect their child from any possible harm.

Careful reading washing instruction of the clothes

Some special fabric will need typical washing methods. Therefore, mothers should read carefully the washing instructions and regulations pasted in the brand when buying clothes. All children clothes, especially for children under 6 month old are made of 100 %cotton to ensure the absorption of sweat and bringing the feeling of coolness. This fabric can be washed with hot water but it can be worn out and dry. So you should care about these characteristics when washing. The more attention you pay to dividing clothes for washing, the more durable the clothes will be.

You also have to be careful as your child may be allergic with some certain fabric. Choose the best fabric in terms wearing as well as easy to wash.

Wash right after buying

The new clothes always contain some observance and color making substance and dirt also, especially the thin glue which will be covered over the clothes as the last stage of production to make clothes more shining. Therefore, you should not allow your children to wear new clothes without washing. It can harm the child skin and heath. By washing the clothes after buying can make the clothes softer and easier to wear.

Using typical washing powder

Parent should use typical washing powder for children to wash their clothes. Or you can use washing powder which has safe level of substance, less favor. High level of substance of the washing powder can make the clothes harder. Besides, some child skin may respond to some substance of the washing powder.

You can buy the one you need outside in the washing shop, but you can ask advice from other parents in order to choose the best suitable one.

Wash the child clothes separately

To save time, you may wash your child clothes together with ones of others in the family. But the fact is that the dirt from adult clothes can be transferred to the child ones during the washing. In the other hand, the child clothes are smaller and thinner than adult’s ones so there should be different washing level from the washing machine otherwise the child clothes will be easier in wearing out.

The child, especially the small one can change clothes several times a day so instead of turning the washing machine on several times. You can wash by hand.

No use of detergent

Detergent can contain some substance making the child skin to be allergic. If there are some dirty signs in the child clothes, you should not try to clear it out by using the detergent. Time over time it can go away after several times of washing. Or you can use some natural ingredients to clean such as lemon juice, vinegar, etc. After that, leave it as it is or buy a new one.

Wash cleanly

The clothes which washing powder is still sticking on can be very harmful to children. So before hanging, you have to make sure that the clothes are totally out of washing powder. So you have to wash several times until the washing powder goes away.

Clothes with dirt from food

During eating, children can make their clothes dirty by food. You should not wait until the children take a bath to change the clothes. Just do it right away. This can make the washing easier because the dirt can go easily. It also makes the children clean as the dirt from food will not stick to their body or hand.

Hanging the clothes under the sun

The clothes after washing can get dirt again so you need to hang it out immediately. No virus, dirt and mould things can attack.

Hanging the clothes under the sun is the quickest way to make the clothes dry, at the same time under the high temperature some viruses can be killed and ensure the safety for children when wearing after the clothes are washed.

However, you should not hang the clothes for a long time, especially during noon time as extremely direct sun can make the clothes drier and easier to wear out. You should not hang the clothes over night also because the night temperature can make the clothes worn out and frost can be fallen into the clothes. A quick tip for drying the clothes is to hang the clothes together with cotton towels, so the towels will protect the clothes under sun but also absorb all the water in the clothes.

Tips for improving your wardrobe

Almost all female working in the office will be headache when having to think how to improve their wardrobe for casual dress at the office. Not all can find the good and right solution. We can not change the clothes by buying new clothes every week. What we can do is to mix the current and familiar clothes with various accessorizes so it will give you a brand new look. The following tips will work with you.


Renovate the vignette, color and material of the clothes

You are getting used to wearing dark colors such as black, brown, white and so on. This makes your casual dressing become out of dated and not eye-catching. So when you go shopping, you should be more active in changing the color for your clothes. You have to choose lighter and more vivid color which will make you more sweet and attractive. But for the first change, do not use so strong color like neon color tendency. The light and colorful shirt can go very well with the black dress.

With the same vignette but printed in different fabric can provide different look for the clothes and the dresser. So when you choose your clothes, pay attention to the fabric. Another thing you have to care when choosing your clothes is your skin color, your hair color. You should choose something matching with your body features.

Choosing accessorizes

By using appropriate accessorizes, you can change any simple outlook into more persuasive one. Of course, you should not dress yourself as a pine tree. Remember that being average and know how to balance is the principle. A military necklace, a luxurious watch will match with all of your clothes. By the way, it also makes you more stylist.

Almost women may be do not care about accessorizes. It is a big mistake. You should change your mind and have to start with basic accessorized things that are recommended in this post. Necklace, watch are what you must not forget and you will find no difficulty in buying them. A lot of decorating watches are sold outside at suitable cost.

Having a coat

You should have a thin coat, or some kinds of cardigan sweater. When you mix your coat with one of your favorite clothes you can be more professional and stylist at the office. In the other hand, you can use this coat for every case and every occasion, it can be mixed with different things. It is also very easy to wear a coat outside a cotton shirt. So you should try to own a favorite coat with the color you like to differentiate your dressing style.

Inside bra

Actually, no one can see what you wear inside. But the high quality and comfortable inside bras can help to make your body more suitable and good looking with what you will wear outside. You can feel more confident when going out. Moreover, you must be highly careful because the inside bars must in the same color with the clothes outside to avoid any cases of ugly and impolite looking.

Wearing shoes

Shoes certainly are the most important accessorize. The shoes make for the small part of your total body but it is the last step to complete your style or improve it. To renovate your casual dress looking, shoes can be a good solution. Normally you choose black shoes at office, you should change the color. So when everybody looks down they can feel something strange from you and you may be eager. Shoes in nude color is not so impressive and eye-catching but very easy to match with your clothes. The nude shoes can help you to have an elegant look. In other situations, you can try blue and dark red shoes.

Besides color, you have to think about the shape of the shoes. Depending on the weather and your clothes, you can choose high heel, scandal, boots or other kinds. High heel shoes are good for short women but not to wear it so often. It can give some bad effect to your back. Remember it.


Mix with a scarf

In fact, scarf is very necessary for every woman. In your wardrobe, you can not forget having at least some scarf. In the summer, office will be cooler than outside because of the air-conditioner. So you may need a soft and light scarf to make your neck warm but still stylist. You can visit the shops and buy for you several kinds of scarf. Some can use in the summer, some are useful in the autumn or the winter. Some can be used any time. These scarves are no longer for the purpose of keeping you warm, protecting you from the cold but for making you more stylist and fashionable. The silk scarf is very popular because of its softness and natural looking. You can choose scarf with plain color, mixed with block of color or scarf with vignette. It is up to you.

Nail polishing

A beautiful woman should be beautiful with all parts of the body, even with the small nails. It is a very easy solution to make you different and can attract others’ eyes easily and quickly. You do not need to have a complex drawing nails. You can polish your nails with plain and light color. The nail color should match with your make up, some accessorizes if any. There are also many trends for nail polish which you can find in every nail polishing shop.

Make up

You are interested in make-up every morning. Try another lip color. Change your style of make-up. It can be another good contributor to your good looking at office.

In the end, the most important thing is that you should not limit yourself in your current wardrobe. Do not be hesitant in trying new things. Casual dress at office can be serious but try not to make them boring. Therefore, be active and open with new things to make you more attractive.

Tips to clean dirt in the clothes (Part 2)

Following washing tips which have been introduced previously, the below list of instructions can help you to further make all kinds of dirt on your clothes go away. 


  1. Clear out tea dirt

You drink tea every day, so you can not avoid some times, the tea will drop into your clothes. Deal with that by applying the following tips:

– Dip your clothes with tea dirt into ether liquor. Then, rewash with cold water or washing powder.

– Drop lemon juice into the dirt then wash as usual.

– Dip the clothes with tea dirt into hot washing powder liquor. This will work when the tea dirt has just been fallen into your clothes. For the old tea dirt, use the 2 first ways.

  1. Clear out bloody dirt

Sometimes you hurt and cut yourself with knife cut, paper cut and so on. Or sometime you fall and some parts of your body scratch. Or there is a funny case that you kill a mosquito. Blood can go out and fall into your clothes. For the funny case, blood of the mosquito will be in your clothes. Regardless where the blood comes from, you should do as follows if you want the blood to go away:

– Dip the clothes with bloody dirt into benzene liquor. Then, rewash with cold water.

– Use detergent to wash the clothes with bloody dirt. After that, rewash cleanly with cold water and washing powder.

  1. Clear out mould dirt

In the rainy season with high moisture in the atmosphere, your clothes will be mould. Or simply you have used clothes for a long time, now you take it out and find out that it is mould. In order to get them away, you should:

– Mix water with ammonic liquor with the same amount. Dip the clothes with mould dirt for a certain time, around half an hour. After that, squeeze it then hang it until it is dry. Then, rewash with washing powder or steam it.

  1. Clear out mud dirt

You fall into the muddy area. You have to walk in the street during rainy day. Mud sticks to your clothes and you have to get them away, then you should follow the below tips:

– Mix the water with vinegar, dip the clothes with mud dirt and crush until the mud goes out. For some soft fabric, you can use a small brush to crush gently into the dirt.

– Use the same for the sweater but without crushing just dip the clothes into the mixture.

  1. Clear out the blur yellow dirt

You should clear out the blur yellow dirt in your white clothes by:

– Boil a potato, do not peel the cover. After boiling, crush the potato into the dirt. Then rewash with cold water and hang into cool and windy place

  1. Clear out sweat dirt

In the summer, during movement, your body can produce lots of sweat. It will stick into your clothes. Then you deal with that by:

– Dip your clothes into mixture of water and detergent liquor. Then, rewash with cold water and washing powder.

  1. Clear out the burning dirt

You iron your clothes so long that burning dirt appears, so

– Use liquor of washing powder to crush in the dirt then apply with some oxygen liquid. Hang it in a cool and windy place.

– If you use the below tips, but the burning dirt has not go away yet you have to dip it again into the vinegar liquor. After that, rewash once more with cold water.

Tips to clean dirt in the clothes (Part 1)

Clothes can be easy to get dirt. Ordinary washing method can not help to remove dirt away. The following tips can help you to sweep dirt away immediately and quickly. 

  1. Clear out ink dirt

For people working at the office, students or pupils, their clothes often have ink dirt. Children can get a ink dirt in clothes when they play with ink pen. This kind of dirt is very terrible because it is clearly displayed in the clothes. You should try the below ways to clear it out.

– Poor a spoon of milk (instant milk can work) into hot water, then drop into the ink dirt, wash it thoroughly like you wash normal clothes. Then you rewash it with cold water as usual. The ink dirt is expected to go away.

– Other way is that you can squeeze some lemon juice into the ink dirt.

– Or you can use detergent, this is the easiest way to do but it is also the most harmful compared to others.

However, with the ball-pen sign in the clothes, you have to apply other methods:

– Dip the cotton bud into alcohol liquor, then, crush into the dirt. When the dirt goes away, you can rewash the clothes with cold water.

– Dip the cotton bud into the nail polishing removal liquor, then, crush into the dirt. When the dirt goes away, you can rewash the clothes with washing powder.

But if the above dirt is on the sweater, the above methods can not work. So you have to try another method as below:

– Dip the cotton bud into the oil pine liquor, then, crush into the dirt. When the dirt goes away, you can rewash the clothes with cold water.

  1. Clear out paint dirt

Something when you stand, you may lie against the wall. Unfortunately, the wall has just been painted. You find out your clothes now full of sticky paint. What should you do? Follow the below instructions:

– Drop eating oil (coconut oil, bean oil and so on) to crush in the dirt. Then you have to use alcohol liquor to get the dirt away.

– In case the paint exits in your clothes for a long time. You follow the above instruction then you use the cotton bud absorbed with some acid to crush in the dirt. You crush it lightly then the dirt will go out.

  1. Clear out coffee dirt

– If coffee dirt is in the silk material, you can apply the 2 below methods:

  • Crush the dirt with lemon juice, the rewash with cold water.
  • Mix alcohol liquor with water then wash the clothes.

– If coffee dirt is in the thick fabric such as in the table cloth and mattress, you can:

  • Use oxygen liquor to crush.
  • Mix the red core inside the egg into the warm water, crush in the dirt. Then rewash with washing powder and cold water.
  1. Clear out oil dirt

You can get your clothes sticking with some technical oil from bicycle, motorbike and so on. Then you have to follow these advices:

– Mix the cotton bud with benzene liquor to crush in the dirt. But be careful with this way as the benzene liquor can spread to other places of your clothes.

– Cut the turnip into piece and crush into the dirt. Then rewash with the clothes.

– Mix the cotton bud with liquid oil, crush in the dirt. Then you dip the dirt into hot water with washing powder.

Tips for cotton shirt

Selecting fabric

The cotton shirt now is mainly made of 100% cotton fabric, cotton mixed with PE line. With different fabric there will be equivalent shirt with different price and quality. However, for male, 100% cotton shirt is more preferred as this kind of fabric will make the user feel cooler and this fabric is also very good at absorbing the sweat. In contrast, for female shirt made of cotton mixed with PE line is chosen as this kind of fabric can help to form the structure of the shirt which helps the shirt to suit the body closely. Therefore, female body can be displayed more beautifully.


Besides, in order to have a durable and nice cotton shirt, except the selection of fabric, you have to pay attention to the storing during the time it is used.

Regardless of different material to make the cotton shirt, in general one of the advantaged features of the cotton shirt is that it can absorb the moisture very well. Therefore, during the time of using you should not put your cotton shirt in places of high moisture. Because the moisture can leave yellow or brown signals in your shirt then the shirt will be mould.


If you wear the cotton shirt in the case that you have to move so much, so you have to clean the shirt right after taking off because the sweat will run so much. If you do not clean it immediately, it can be mould or having uncomfortable smell.

If your cotton shirt is white, you should not clean it with other colorful clothes. If you can clean it by hand, you can lengthen the durability of the shirt. But if you are too busy, you can use the washing machine but remember to use the appropriate level for washing the cotton shirt.

After cleaning the cotton shirt, you should hang it in cool place, try to avoid direct sunshine into the shirt which will make the shirt worn out very quickly. You should hang your shirt in parallel in horizontal direction with your hanging line, you should not use the cloth hook. This will help to keep and maintain the form and structure of the shirt otherwise your shirt will become loosen down.

When it is dry, you have to fold it and store it in your wardrobe for next wearing.